Monday, November 18, 2013

Update for November - Kirch Boxed Set!

Hi everyone, long time no see! It was recently brought to my attention that the Kindle editions of most of my books weren't available, so I've spent the last week getting things kosher with Amazon. Long story short - it was my mistake and it should be rectified soon if it hasn't been already. I've been working on several new things but none of them are far enough along to share with you yet. In the meantime if there's anyone you know who is interested in my series but doesn't want to have to buy the books individually, I have a solution for that. Introducing the Nelson Kirch Series Found in Blood Boxed Set!

This isn't a physical boxed set - though I'm open to the idea if there's interest - it's a Kindle-exclusive compilation of the first three Nelson Kirch books, weighing in at 825 pages. The holidays are coming up, so if you or a friend want a good long vacation read, it's available today for just $9.99!


  1. Just "borrowed" your box set as my prime member monthly lend. I haven't read any of your work before so this should let me get a good start. I'm also an author through smashwords. That is an awesome resource for indie writers like me!! I've only published a short story prequel to my first book, under my pen name, I hope to have ready by June, I'm also an artist and am nearly finished white a book of my art I hope to have out for Feb. Your books will be my relaxation time. I'll let you know how I like them and I always leave a review. If you'd like to contact me or see my work I'm @angelagonyea on Twitter, Angela Gonyea, Angela Gonyea's Fine Art and Jewelry, as well as, Ahmari Das on Facebook Ahmari Das on smashwords, Angela Gonyea on linked in and angelagonyea on Deviant Art. Have a great day and I wish you much success with your books!
    Angela Gonyea (Ahmari Das)

  2. Hello Angela (Ahmari)! I'm so glad to know that the Prime experiment found me a new reader. Best of luck with your own writing and artwork as well!